‘Your Month Ahead’ Planning Sessions

How often do you start the month with good intentions and end it feeling frustrated that things went off track?

My guess is more often than you’d like.

Continuing to kick yourself for not meeting your monthly goals isn’t an option.

That’s why I’ve married up my coaching skills with years of experience as a Personal Assistant to offer monthly planning sessions so you can look ahead, make plans and – the ground breaker! – stick to them.

Whether you’re rushed off your feet with your business, trying to fit in your side hustle, organising a big event, studying or just very busy, these sessions are designed to help you focus, plan and achieve what you’re out to do.

Look ahead and identify your priorities

Make the most of each new month and enjoy it as a fresh start full of possibilities. A monthly forward look enables you to see what’s coming up, what you absolutely must do, what you’d like to do and identify any conflicts or obstacles. Make an achievable plan for the month that captures what you can realistically expect of yourself, so that you make solid process without burning out.

Balance work and life

You’re not a machine programmed to follow a straight and narrow schedule again and again. We all have many roles and interests, which is what makes life fun, fulfilling and sometimes messy and unmanageable when they clash. When we work together to plan your month I help you to make sure your schedule allows time and energy for the various things that matter to you.

Gain control and get things done

Learn useful organising skills you can apply again and again so that you can become your own PA. Feel motivated by knowing what you’re going to do and confident that you’re capable of doing it. Overcome those sneaky things that stop you making progress, from procrastination to dealing with distractions.

“Laura is professional, encouraging, honest, probing, thought provoking and was just right for my situation really. It was useful having time to explore barriers, what gets in the way and a strategy for overcoming these. I came away from each session with something to think about and a positive plan of action to move forward.” – Joanne Bell, Holmfirth

How we’ll do this

  • I’ll help you to decide on your priorities for the month ahead and identify any potential obstacles that could get in the way, including where and how to protect your time and make wise use of it.
  • Together we’ll draw up a schedule for your month that’s as flexible or as structured as you need it to be, and which balances your needs.
  • I’ll work with you to identify any organisational skills gaps you have and teach you what you need to know in order to fill them, such as email inbox management, diary management, writing clearer emails, tracking expenses and working to deadlines.
  • You’ll have the option to screen share your calendar with me (this is totally up to you and we can work with or without it).
  • We’ll tackle any internal obstacles that get in your way, such as procrastination, feeling overwhelmed and indecision.
  • I’ll act as your sounding board and accountability partner so that you’re no longer having to go it alone.

“I learnt to appreciate that with small steps and not trying to do too much too soon I can start to achieve what I want. I now have a focus. Thanks Laura for taking the time to help me.” – Mandy Cooper, Barnsley

How the planning sessions work

  • The price is £65 per hour payable by bank transfer. A 10% discount is available when booking 4 or more sessions at once.
  • Sessions are one hour but we can arrange longer deep dive sessions to really focus in on a particular area if you want.
  • You can have as many planning sessions as you want, whether it’s a one off, occasional or every month.
  • Payment is required in advance of each session.
  • The calls are via Zoom video call or a phone call. If you’re unfamiliar with Zoom it’s a user friendly, easy to use platform and I can show you how to use it.
  • I’m available in the evenings from 5pm to 9pm, most lunchtimes and on Saturday mornings.

Are you ready to take control of your schedule and try a new way of managing your time that’s fun to do and that treats you as a person, not a machine?

Contact me to book a session or arrange a free 15 minute consultation:

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