Here are some previous client’s thoughts about working with me

“Laura made me feel very relaxed and at ease, nothing was rushed.  There was lots of rapport established and questions were articulated clearly.  Exploration was gentle and gently challenging which I needed.  She was warm and friendly throughout.  I felt understood, heard, and supported.” – Emma Quansah, Q Naturals Wellness, Romford

“I was asked the right questions to steer me towards making my own insights and coming up with solutions that work. Laura really helped me to reframe my writing business. One of the key things to come out of our discussions was to give myself credit when I finish a project as my habit has been to complete a book and then immediately move onto the next one.” – Jon Cronshaw, Author, Morecambe

“I found it useful to identify steps at each session to make small improvements. By identifying small steps, I never felt overwhelmed, nor did it add any pressure to my working day. Reviewing progress helped me identify the progress I had made and areas that needed a little more work, and I felt that I gained something from every session. There has been an improvement in my confidence at work and I am still using those techniques.” – Gary McCann, Leeds

“Laura is a clear speaker and a good listener. It was great working out what my ‘purpose’ might be, and the experience of setting and achieving some goals. As we progressed my goal shifted slightly towards working out my purpose, which was achieved, but I also managed to set some longer term goals and work towards them. Thanks for the experience, it was motivating and useful. There are things I learned and discovered that I will use from now on.” – James Stone, Manchester

“Laura is professional, encouraging, honest, probing, thought provoking and was just right for my situation really. It was useful having time to explore barriers, what gets in the way and a strategy for overcoming these. I came away from each session with something to think about and a positive plan of action to move forward.” – Joanne Bell, Holmfirth

“I appreciated Laura’s style of questioning, allowing me to come to my own conclusion that I had been protecting myself. I think it’s more powerful if the client comes up with their own answers. I really liked that fact I came away with an action plan of things to do. I work from to do lists all the time, that’s my style, so coming away with that really connected me with the tasks.” – Narelle Summers, Havening Techniques Practitioner, Wakefield 

“I had become too goal focused that I had forgotten to have fun in my personal goals. I agreed I would work with the mantra ‘If it’s not fun you’ve not reached your goal’ which I still use and find very helpful. It was useful realising that I often skipped the brain storming or pre planning my goals properly; which meant they were often a bit chaotic or without clarity over what I was trying to achieve.” – Shirley Clark, Leeds

“What I’ve got out of coaching with Laura is amazing and beyond! I found ways of taking my business, myself and my health forward, I felt like my ‘bucket’ – the essence of who I am was pretty empty, I have found ways to stop the leaking from my bucket and am excited to explore and find what I want to put into it! – business wise, health wise and confidence wise. Laura’s communication is very calm and thoughtful. A lovely balance between allowing me space to explore and guidance. Also great at summing up and adding in lovely gems of wisdom that got me thinking.” – Saran Flowers, Flowers Coaching, Brighton

“Laura made me feel listened to and understood throughout the course of our meetings. She was able to fish out emotions of which I was not always fully aware, as well as the recurring themes in terms of my self-limiting beliefs, tendency to sacrifice for the ‘greater good’, self-blame and unhelpful thinking patterns. Thought provoking questions, great ability to summarise and reflect back to me the key emotions and recurring themes in terms of deeply rooted self-limiting beliefs in a non-judgmental and compassionate way facilitated a space in which I was able to work on overcoming these issues in a supportive environment. My awareness and ability to gain broader understanding of subconscious drives (the desire to be perfect, pleasing others, wanting to be seen and appreciated) not only broaden my self-awareness, but also led to a significant shift in overcoming some of these barriers. Laura has a natural ability to connect with others. From the first session I felt at ease.” – Marlena Zylka, Brighton

“I learnt to appreciate that with small steps and not trying to do too much too soon I can start to achieve what I want. I now have a focus. Thanks Laura for taking the time to help me.” – Mandy Cooper, Barnsley

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