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At the start of September 2021 I stumbled across a Facebook group called Random Acts Of Crochet Kindness. The idea behind it was that people all over the world crochet little keepsakes and hide them in public places for people to find and enjoy. This caught my imagination and I made up a pattern for a tiny travelling gnome, made 4 of them and released them whilst I was on holiday in Mablethorpe.

Whilst I was on holiday I made 7 more to release into the wild, and now I’m making more And more.

Why gnomes? Why not! There’s just something about them that I find utterly charming.

Click here for the free gnome crochet pattern if you’d like to make your own.

If you’re here because you’ve found one leave me a comment below and I’ll mark that gnome as found.

Here are all the gnomes I’ve released so far:

  • Anderson, Louth 4/10/21 – FOUND
  • Bob, Seal Sanctuary, Mablethorpe
  • Simon, Gnomeville in Mablethorpe – FOUND
  • Billy, Gnomeville in Mablethorpe
  • Penn, Silsden
  • Betty, Otley
  • Teller, Whitby
  • Larry, Whitby

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