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Hi, I’m Laura Marconi-Cox and I believe that thinking and feeling deeply about things are beautiful gifts, not the weaknesses we’ve been led to believe they are

I use my sensitivity as a strength rather than seeing it as a weakness and I no longer feel overwhelmed by work, home, life admin, plans and anxiety. I am energised by knowing I’m working on something worthwhile that expresses who I am at heart whilst helping people. I enjoy being present in my life without feeling guilty about the past or anxious about the future, but for years this way of living seemed impossible as I struggled with overwhelm and a sense of being lost.

When I was a child I picked up on other’s emotions very strongly and tried to protect people I loved from their own sadness, fear, anxiety and other difficult emotions. This pattern of taking on responsibility and wanting to protect others continued throughout my life, making friendships and jobs exhausting. If someone at work made a mistake, I was the one who stayed late to fix it; when a friend was distressed, I gave up my evenings to reassure them again and again, until I felt drained dry.

I had a deep and painful longing for a purpose in life but doing unfulfilling work in a toxic workplace drowned me in other people’s decisions and priorities. I was alone. No one knew I felt that way and I didn’t ask anyone for help or advice so I remained stranded and frustrated.

I never believed I was good enough to be successful, so I’d start studying things that could lead to a career, get excited then feel overcome with fear and drop out of the course. I was caught in a painful cycle of making complex plans, getting overwhelmed and beating myself up when I didn’t make progress. I was tired all the time, I found it hard to relax and life was no fun.

Getting up just in time every morning I dragged myself into work, dull eyed and rumpled. Enclosed in a train stuffed with commuters I unknowingly absorbed their invisible baggage but didn’t know why I felt worn out. Confused and exhausted I was unaware that I was unconsciously taking responsibility for other people’s energy.

At work I noticed that people struggled to share and develop their ideas. It felt natural to me to ask questions to explore the situation, which unlocked their potential as ideas flowed and they were able to move forward with their projects. I was inspired by the power of questioning and listening to shift the energy of a situation.

For the first time I saw sensitivity as a strength, which eventually led me to help people like you discover their strength, stop feeling out of place and express themselves freely. I want you to accomplish what I did, which was to find a clear direction and grow in confidence.

Of course I didn’t do this all alone. It took some bravery but I reached out for help. I got a coach and confided in a trusted mentor, and did psychic development classes with her, learning to embrace my sensitivity, direct it and protect myself energetically. I learnt to trust myself to get things done so I didn’t feel bound to pack my days with too many tasks. I was able to rest when I needed to and enjoy life without guilt, freeing up my energy even further.

I reconnected to personal spiritual practices which reminded me of an experience I’d had as a teenager when a sudden feeling of powerful, loving connection to everything and everyone took over me. This profound feeling never left me. Re-embracing it felt like coming back home in a world where I often felt like a stranger.

As my awareness and confidence grew, I was able to see what I needed in order to manage my time and energy, and I learned habits that gave me a solid foundation to build on, as well as boosting my confidence and respecting my own boundaries.

I am happy to say that the self-doubt and overwhelm I struggled to carry all my life has gone and I’m able to focus on making a difference in the world.

I know I can help you understand and utilise your sensitivity as a strength whilst increasing your energy, your clarity and your belief in yourself to find your own purpose in life. Through my journey I’ve learned how you can clear away the confusion and self-doubt. By working with me you’ll learn how to make progress on your personal goals while learning tools and gaining habits to feel more connected to who you are and good about your life.

A bit more about me…

  • I have a Level 5 Diploma in Life Coaching from Wellness Professionals At Work, with accreditation from the Association for Coaching and the National Council of Psychotherapists.
  • I am a Reiki Master, and Tarot and Oracle Card Reader.
  • I live in West Yorkshire in the north of England, with my husband and two rescue cats, Poppy and Bramble.
  • I’m addicted to knitting and crocheting, playing with colour and pattern.
  • I enjoy the simple home comforts like cooking and growing things.