10 fast ways to do Reiki self healing on a busy day

You’ve recently been attuned to Reiki and your Reiki Master has advised you to do regular self healing but you keep forgetting. Or you’ve been doing Reiki for awhile and have been meaning to give yourself a nice long treatment but other things keep getting in the way. Either way weeks pass, you never get around to it and you feel guilty that you let it slide.

If this is you you’re far from being alone!

Most Reiki Masters advise their students to do 21 days of self healing after an attunement. There are 2 reasons for this:

  • To honour Mikao Usui, founder/re-discoverer of Reiki who had been fasting for 21 days when he received the sacred Reiki symbols and became empowered to channel Reiki.
  • To begin the student’s inner healing process that is an essential part of being a Reiki practitioner, whether professionally or working only with friends and family.

It’s important to do regular self healing treatments but it can feel surprisingly hard to commit to. You may be over committed in terms of time or tasks, struggle to get quiet time alone or feel too ill or tired to carry out a self healing treatment. Sometimes the barriers are in our own heads; we may feel selfish for taking time to care for ourselves or feel undeserving.

To help you bring more Reiki into your life I’ve compiled a list of 10 easy ways to do a little self healing in just 5 or 10 minutes. They’re so simple you can fit them into even a hectic, tiring day.

10 quick Reiki self healing ideas

  1. Reiki bath: Run a bath and draw the power symbol over the water if you are attuned to Reiki 2 or 3, or hold your hands over the water and intend for the Reiki to flow. Lie back and enjoy your bath with an added dose of Reiki.
  2. Charge a crystal: Hold a crystal in your hands for several minutes to charge it with Reiki. Carry it with you or place it on yourself for 5 minutes whilst you sit or lie down and focus on your breathing.
  3. Reiki foot rub: Cradle your foot in your hands. Supporting it with one hand use the other to give yourself a foot massage. As you’re attuned to Reiki it will flow as you massage your foot so you’ll get a double benefit. (If you’re ever in Leeds book yourself a session at Therapy Heaven in the city centre, where the lovely Jan combines Reflexology and Reiki, it’s a wonderful experience).
  4. Pick a chakra: If you have a particular ailment or something you’re struggling with, find out which chakra it is associated with and give it 5 minutes of Reiki.
  5. Guided meditation: Choose a short guided meditation (there are lots of free ones on YouTube), sit or lie down, place your hands anywhere on your body that’s comfortable and let the Reiki flow whilst you listen to the meditation.
  6. Waiting room Reiki: The next time you’re waiting for an appointment or meeting to start place your hands on you knees or thighs and intend for Reiki to flow. You can sit there giving yourself a mini treatment and no one will ever guess what you’re doing!
  7. Food and drink: Draw the Reiki symbols over food and drink or hold your hands over them and intend for the Reiki to flow into them. You could do this with your morning cup of tea; what a very English way to enjoy Reiki!
  8. Reiki for an anxious mind: Lie down and place your hands underneath your head so that you’re cradling it. Breath deeply and focus on the feeling of support from your hands. Imagine the energy loosening anxious thoughts and lovingly healing the root of them.
  9. Add Reiki to a daily habit: When you add a new activity onto a habit you already do every day it is more likely that you’ll keep doing. Known as ‘habit stacking’, this has been found to make it easier to remember to do something new. If you meditate, do yoga, workout, journal or anything else that you find uplifting add on 5 minutes of Reiki before or afterwards. You could also add it to a simple habit like making a coffee or even do it before or after a very mundane daily habit like brushing your teeth.
  10. Meditate on one of the 5 Reiki Principles: Choose one that you identify with the most right now. Spend 5 minutes reflecting on it quietly with your hands on your heart chakra. How does it relate to your life right now? When you reflect on it how do you feel?
The 5 Reiki Principles

Any of these 10 activities will bring more Reiki into your day to day life. There’s no replacement for doing full regular self healing sessions but that’s not always possible. Please don’t feel guilty or set yourself unrealistic standards for how often you do self healing. Instead choose something that you can easily accomplish and tap into the wonderful, transformative gift of Reiki even in the middle of a hectic day.

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10 fast ways to do Reiki self healing on a busy day

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