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It’s never too late for a fresh start.

Do you feel a powerful push from within to break away from what’s no longer working for you?

Is your instinct telling you that you need to change direction, and bring in fresh energy so you can thrive?

Are you longing to live in a way that’s authentic to you, but feeling stuck, blocked and frustrated?

Hi, I’m Laura.

I’ve also felt that feeling of dissatisfaction battling in my head with fear of changing things.

That distrust of yourself, the mine field of ‘what if’s’ that can make change feel like it’s not worth the risk, and that it’s easier to stay stuck and unhappy.

My job is to use coaching skills, Tarot and oracle reading to help you to feel:

EXCITED about your future.

INSPIRED to take action.

FOCUSSED on what you need to do.

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You know that there’s more to life than this.

You know you have more to offer than what you’re doing now, if only you could stop doubting yourself and talking yourself out of taking action.

You know that a beige, boring life isn’t for you.

But… you don’t know how to change things so you can work on what really matters to you.

“Laura is a clear speaker and a good listener. It was great working out what my ‘purpose’ might be, and the experience of setting and achieving some goals. As we progressed my goal shifted slightly towards working out my purpose, which was achieved, but I also managed to set some longer term goals and work towards them. Thanks for the experience, it was motivating and useful. There are things I learned and discovered that I will use from now on.” – James Stone, Manchester

Coaching and Tarot help you find the answers you’re looking for

Both are great ways of exploring exactly what you want and exactly what’s holding you back then figuring out how you can shift things and move forward:

Fresh Start Coaching sessions are best for…

  • Making decisions about what you want and what you’re going to do.
  • Getting ongoing support from someone who has your best interests at heart but who won’t tell you what to do and be all judgy (that’s me!)
  • Taking real steps that change your life.

Tarot and oracle readings are best for…

  • Getting a quick insight into what’s getting in your way and what your options are for moving forward.
  • Taking a spiritual, intuitive approach to any challenges you’re facing.
  • Finding out what repeating patterns in your life contain life lessons that you need to learn.

“What I’ve got out of coaching with Laura is amazing and beyond! I found ways of taking my business, myself and my health forward, I felt like my ‘bucket’ – the essence of who I am was pretty empty, I have found ways to stop the leaking from my bucket and am excited to explore and find what I want to put into it! – business wise, health wise and confidence wise. Laura’s communication is very calm and thoughtful. A lovely balance between allowing me space to explore and guidance. Also great at summing up and adding in lovely gems of wisdom that got me thinking.” – Saran Flowers, Flowers Coaching, Brighton

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“Laura is professional, encouraging, honest, probing, thought provoking and was just right for my situation really. It was useful having time to explore barriers, what gets in the way and a strategy for overcoming these. I came away from each session with something to think about and a positive plan of action to move forward.” – Joanne Bell, Holmfirth