Hi, I’m Laura.

I help creative, passionate people find the courage to start a business or change career; good people who want to do things differently.

For many people a job is just a job, but some of us need more than that. We need to do purposeful work that we can do in our own way.

You know you have more to offer than the work you’re doing now.

You know that a beige, boring career isn’t for you…but you don’t know how to change things so you can do work that really matters to you.

I used to lack self-confidence and was constantly sabotaging myself with self-doubt, so that no matter how many plans I put in place I found it impossible to see them through. ‘Frustrated’ doesn’t even begin to describe it; it was heart breaking.

That’s why I changed career from Personal Assistant to Coach. It’s also why I’ve written the ‘Your Confidence Plan’ workbook; it contains all the deep questions and useful tips I wish I could go back and give myself.

And I’ve made the workbook available free here as I understand how frustrating it is to know you could do so much more, if only you stopped doubting yourself.

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